The Oval Min-E local display unit is designed to monitor and display flow rates and flow alarms measured by Kytola oval gear meters or other flow meters with pulse outputs.

The Oval Min-E can operate as a local display, or it can connect to Kytola KVM Control monitoring software or to customer’s PLC or DCS.

Technical data

Supply voltage 24 VDC
Sensor types Kytola coil, NAMUR (DIN 19234), NPN
Communication Modbus RTU (RS-485)
mA output 4−20 mA, 1 pc on single channel model or optional 8 pcs on multi-channel model
Relay output 1 pc NC, max. 48 VAC/DC, 0.5 A
Ambient temperature –20°C…+60°C (relative humidity < 85 %, non-condensing)
Dimensions (WxHxD) Single channel model: 110 x 100 x 46 mm
Multi-channel model: 100 x 120 x 73 mm
Weight Single channel model: 390 g
Multi-channel model: 550 g
Housing Painted aluminium
IP class IP 65